Deposed Copyright Chief Lands at Publishers’ Lobby

Deposed Copyright Chief Lands at Publishers’ Lobby

Deposed Copyright Chief Lands at Publishers’ Lobby

Maria A. Pallante was removed from her position as Register of Copyrights in October by the new librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden, alarming the creative industries that rely on copyright protection. But she has landed a new job as the chief executive of the Association of American Publishers.

There she’ll have a chance to advocate for the creation of the dispute resolution process to help copyright holders resolve small claims that she’d pushed while serving as register. It formed the bulwark of a House bill introduced last year by Democrat Hakeem Jeffries of New York and Republican Tom Marino of Pennsylvania.

As CEO of the publishers’ trade group, Pallante will represent nearly 400 organizations, including all kinds of publishers,  nonprofits, university presses and scholarly societies.

“Publishers promote literature, literacy, education and research around the world, while advocating for free speech, creating jobs, and making considerable contributions to the global marketplace,” she said in a statement.

Hayden has not yet replaced Pallante as Register of Copyrights.

She never spelled out her reasons for removing Pallante, but she may not have taken kindly to one of Pallante’s other proposals, to remove the Register of Copyrights from the Library of Congress and make it an independent agency.

Written by Hugh T. Ferguson

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