POLITICO launches Legislative Compass

POLITICO launches Legislative Compass

POLITICO launches Legislative Compass

I’m just a bill. Yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well, it’s a long, long journey to the capital city.It’s a long, long wait. While I’m sitting in committee, and tracking my navigation can send you on some confusingly archaic procedural routes.

Thankfully POLITICO recently announced a new product for Politico Pro, its subscription service, a Legislation Compass that tracks the progress of bills making their way through Congress.

Legislative Compass is your guide: search, analyze and track legislation at the federal and state levels with ease.

Legislative Compass goes beyond being a tool for legislative tracking. Our dedicated team of analysts – THAT’S MY TEAM – brings legislation to life through analysis and insight that breaks down complex legislative issues and expands the political contexts around major legislation.



Preview POLITICO’s Legislative Compass

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